Thanksgiving 2009… a lot to be thankful for?

Upon revisiting my weblog archives, I just discovered that I did not have an entry pertaining to Thanksgiving.  I mean, I had ones about Christmas and New Year’s, I had ones about Fourth of July and ‘Speak like a Pirate’ day, but not Thanksgiving.  So this is gonna be the FIRST Thanksgiving weblog entry I’m gonna make…

Being born and raised in the Philippines, celebrating Thanksgiving was an alien notion to me when I first came here.  I mean, how does a Filipino celebrate Thanksgiving Day, anyway?  Is it like what we normally do with any of the other western holidays – imitate the Westerners?  Do we celebrate it our own way? (i.e. instead of slaughtering a turkey, we slaughter a fattened pig… although if you’re Filipino, you know that you don’t need a holiday as an excuse to serve a roasted pig…)

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