Transcript of Ninoy Aquino’s Memorable Speech in Los Angeles (1981)

Two years ago I wrote my thoughts on the late Ninoy Aquino’s memorable speech in Los Angeles in 1981, two years before he was assassinated at the then Manila International Airport, because if his threatening presence to the dictatorial Marcos regime of that period.

Today in the Philippines marks the 28th death anniversary of the country’s most charismatic politician, and one that was considered the greatest president that the Philippines never had. In remembrance, I am reposting the memorable speech from Youtube, and adding a complete transcript of what he said, courtesy of Real Encounters.

Watch the video, hear his voice, and read his words. Aquino is one of those rare people, the likes of which we might never see again in our lifetime….

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Once more, into the breach…

… again…

It’s kinda weird finding yourself in the same place you started… more than ten years ago, I planted a little tree in a tiny corner in cyberspace and called it “Pinoy Angst in America”, thanks to the then-fledgeling little service called Blogger.Com.  As you can probably tell by the name, I was not the happiest person on the planet during the time.  It was just over a year since I moved to America for good (1998), and I was a stranger in a strange land, like that Heinlein book… all the people I knew, all the people I loved, and all the things I liked were left in that tropical conglomeration of islands we all know as the Philippines, and I was depressed like you can’t believe.  But instead of experimenting on the sharpest object I can take near my wrist, or delving into a Howard Hughes style seclusion and peeing into that two-liter diet coke bottle I always had in my room, I sought an alternative type of release.  Being the Leo that I am, I registered a domain after my nickname and started putting my cynicism, boredom and depression into words…

Thus “Pinoy Angst in America” was born, and in the first couple of months, I treated it as some sort of morbid diary – not full of suicidal thoughts or anything, but rather a cacophony of little demons that I had in my head that sought release.  And release them I did, and I am sure that in the first two months I was the only person reading my own weblog (yeah, I still call it “weblog” and not the shortened “blog” word we all use nowadays, the same way I still type http:// when I wanna visit a site).  Well, okay, a couple or more other people might have been reading it too – my girlfriend during that time, and a couple of my cousins.  But the point is, I didn’t promote it, didn’t mention it, and didn’t even take it too seriously.  It is, after all, an exercise in narcissism; a self-absorbed act of enjoying the sound of one’s own voice (or in this case, the sight of one’s own words).  I was writing it for myself, and for those who are interested in knowing me, and how much I hated being in America…

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