Transcript of Ninoy Aquino’s Memorable Speech in Los Angeles (1981)

Two years ago I wrote my thoughts on the late Ninoy Aquino’s memorable speech in Los Angeles in 1981, two years before he was assassinated at the then Manila International Airport, because if his threatening presence to the dictatorial Marcos regime of that period.

Today in the Philippines marks the 28th death anniversary of the country’s most charismatic politician, and one that was considered the greatest president that the Philippines never had. In remembrance, I am reposting the memorable speech from Youtube, and adding a complete transcript of what he said, courtesy of Real Encounters.

Watch the video, hear his voice, and read his words. Aquino is one of those rare people, the likes of which we might never see again in our lifetime….

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Ninoy Aquino’s Memorable Speech in Los Angeles (1981)

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I have been and always will be a staunch supporter of the most brilliant and charismatic opposition leader the Philippines ever had, Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino.  But the truth is I that I never knew much about what this person experienced and achieved in his lifetime until I first heard this speech on a cassette tape, almost two years after his assassination at then Manila International Airport.  I have wondered why my parents back then were almost rabidly supporting this person, as well as my other relatives, saying that he is better than the current president at the time, President Ferdinand Marcos. But then again, I was just a six-year-old kid during the time…

I admit that I have greatly admired President Marcos when I was in grade school.  When he did his speeches, I got the impression of a very intelligent, very wise, and very articulate man who knew what he was doing.  Back then there was no Google to try and see what was happening in the background during his almost 30-year reign as president of the Philippines, and again, I was a kid who didn’t know any better.  I think I was in third grade when Aquino was assassinated, and I didn’t actually get to hear the guy speak until I was already starting sixth grade.

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