Life is like a long drive …

Life is like a long drive … You may start by planning out where you want to go … You may choose the shortest path between two points, or you may go for the scenic route … It may start out a little slow, but once you get into the groove, it can feel like cruising … You may step on the gas for the thrill and excitement, or step on the brakes from time to time when you feel the need to slow down … The trip may have back roads and shortcuts, uphill or downhill, or it may have uncharted places where you don’t know what to expect …

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I got featured on the Sunday Inquirer Magazine!

Wow, when my friend told me she was doing an article on bloggers, I thought she was compiling a list of responses from bloggers she interviewed… I had no idea that it was gonna end up as an article about myself as a blogger, haha… not that I mind, it’s actually a pleasant surprise :P

For those who didn’t get or don’t have access to last weekend’s Sunday Inquirer, here’s the link to the online version:

Update (07/10/11): Well, the link DID get nuked, but I managed to find an updated address for it: http://services.inquirer.net/print/print.php?article_id=20081116-172496.

And just in case the article gets nuked in the future, I’m posting the entire content here:

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The Dreaded Recap Journal Entry….

Sometimes they come back… (Imagine me saying this in a low, raspy voice with a faint hint of phlegm dribbling around in my throat, with the cold wind blowing outside, and a faint wolf howl in the distance, while…)

Okay, maybe that’s going a little overboard ;)

Anyway, are you prepared for one of the looooongest weblog entries I have ever made? Are you prepared to be overcome by an onslaught of incoherent musings while being drowned in a deluge of half-pondered thoughts that would violate your virginal sensibilities?

Hmmm… (checking thesaurus to see if I used any words out of context)

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