I hate Filipino food, the Filipino culture, and all Filipinos!

… Actually, I don’t …

But a few bloggers have used hate (feigned or not) to attract passionate Pinoys who defend the food, the culture and themselves… all for blog traffic…

I kinda want traffic to my blog, so I hope this trolling works like it did other blogs…

Anyway, comments?

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Don’t know any tagalog? Here are common words to get you started…

So you’re someone who doesn’t speak ANY word of Tagalog, and you’re embarrassed to speak with Filipinos…  maybe you are a non-Filipino who is friends with/is dating/is married to a Filipino, and you would like to understand them more… or maybe you are visiting the Philippines and you want to impress them with your knowledge of basic Tagalog words… well, here’s a short list of all common (and not so common) Tagalog words that can be used in everyday speech… learn them well, and take them to heart… it is guaranteed that anyone who understands Tagalog will look at you in a whole new light once you say these everyday words in Tagalog…

These are common colloquial Tagalog words, not the formal meanings.  So don’t worry if some of them sound weird… Good luck! ;)

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