U2 Live on Youtube – The Aftermath

What can I say?  Awesome, awesome concert by U2 at the Rose Bowl tonight!  Even though I was just watching it via Youtube, I still liked how the concert was done (well, I was actually using the PlayOn app for the PS3 so I can watch it on my TV, hehe).

Youtube kept hiccuping at first, the picture freezing but the sound/music still going, and I think it was slightly delayed by about 10-15 seconds, since I got a call from my friends Don and Richie (who were there at the Rose Bowl) a few seconds before the intermission started.  One thing that annoyed me no end was that twitter gadget at the bottom… it wasn’t that it distracted me, it was more because the thing was choppy and buggy as hell.  Well, anyway, I decided to take advantage of it a couple times by saying hello to fellow Filipinos watching the live streaming – and there were a LOT!

As for the band itself… well, Bono still has it.  Great production value, and the props were astounding… that spinning video contraption above them was a sight to see, especially when they were playing Vertigo – it was like a spinning UFO beaming the guys back home!  That little hanging steering wheel/microphone thing near the end was trippy too… seeing Bono hang onto that thing while it carried him across the stage, his legs almost touching the audience, was fun to see.

U2 belted out a pretty balanced set, making sure they played old favorites like I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For, Sunday Bloody Sunday and With or Without You near the end.  I was kinda hoping they’d play Pride, but I guess they’re promoting the newer singles as well.

Anyway, it was great to witness the concert on Youtube, and I’m sure it’s even better to see it live.  Great songs, great sound, great props, great production value, and an all around great performance by the band.  Then again, I didn’t expect any less from U2…


U2 Live on Youtube!

Forget the fact that you don’t have tickets… forget the fact that the tickets cost an arm and a leg… forget the fact that you are nowhere near Los Angeles… even forget the fact that you don’t like watching things on Youtube…  coz for those of us who couldn’t do any of the above, we have the chance to watch U2, LIVE, and STREAMING, on Youtube!

So now there’s no excuse to watch one of the best bands in the world… join me later, at 8:30pm, in watching the live concert on Youtube, along with several million other people… which is gonna be either exciting or frustrating, depending on how prepared Youtube is gonna be for the massive server load millions of people are gonna put on their site… but hey, it beats paying $100 for tickets, right?


See you guys there!

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Beowulf gig at Tribal Cafe tonight…

… and it’s gonna be my first public gig after more than 10 years, haha… I’ll be playing with JP and Don of Lazykill, and we’re gonna be doing just a handful of covers and my one original song.

I wouldn’t say I’m nervous, but it’s been a long time since I played on stage that I’ll probably be jittery the whole night…

Why am I posting it just now? Coz I don’t want a lot of people to come (hahaha). Anyway, I’ll post details after I embarrass myself in public…

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Wolfgang Disbanded! (I’m always the last one to hear about this shit…)

Wolfgang Band


The other day, while I was surfing for some random shit, I discovered that my favorite Filipino band, Wolfgang, had disbanded November last year … last year! And I’ve been waiting for their latest album because of how much I loved their last one, Black Mantra. I hinted at it earlier this year in the Wolfgang Yahoogroups I frequent (well, frequented until November, apparently), when someone asked if the band will have a reunion concert. A reunion concert! I was like “Errr, what the fuck is going on here!”

After a quick search at Google for keywords “wolfgang” “band” and “disbanded”, I got the links that confirmed it … Wolf Gemora (the drummer) has a new band called Lokomotiv here in Southern Cal (may have to check them out soon), Basti Artadi (the vocalist) has his own band, Kitaan, in San Francisco. Manuel Legarda (the guitarist) has formed his own band named Dirt in Manila, while Mon Legaspi (the bassist) has taken over the bass duties for an old favorite band of mine, The Dawn, back in the Philippines.

It’s almost embarrassing – finding out a significant event in your favorite band’s career exactly a year after it happened. Guess I’m not such a diehard fan at all, hehe … anyway, it’s a pity – they were a really great band and one of the few local bands I really loved to listen to …

I currently have seven albums of theirs (I’m still lacking the one before Black Mantra, entitled Serve in Silence, which is now very hard to find in the Philippines). The first album set the tone of what would be the “hardest” hard rock group in the Philippines, and the next albums only cemented their reputation. Unlike most Pinoy rock bands which exuded a certain “cheapness” and went for “radio friendly” songs, Wolfgang showed that they wrote songs for themselves, and the love for the craft shows. I’ve only been to one Wolfgang concert – and that was more than eight years ago, when they only had two albums out … and what a concert it was (I still have a scar to show for it, hehe).

Anyway, it was great knowing the band. As one of their songs go, “but if there’s something you can count on in life, the only thing that’s permanent is change” … this journal entry isn’t exactly a swan song for Wolfgang, but it’s near enough … maybe the bands they have now will kick as much ass…

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