Trying Heart! (Mga Inglesera Sa Kanto!)

Got this from my friend from Facebook… reposting here coz I’m cool that way… thanks Grace!

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1.  Ats if!
2.  I’m sick of tired!
3.  True good to be true!
4.  When it rains, it’s four!
5.  Once in a new moon.
6.  Keep your mouth shock!
7.  Connect me if I’m wrong.
8.  I hope you dont mine.
9.  Will you please give me alone?
10.  Please don’t make fond of me!
11.  Cut the craft!
12.  As far as I concern.
13.  I’ll give you the benefit of the daw.
14.  Please, cut me some slacks!
15.  How there you!

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Bloggers Busted by Courts

Interesting little article… got it from the usual “spam” I get from LegalZoom, but this one bears some reading, especially in my profession right now…

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I got featured on the Sunday Inquirer Magazine!

Wow, when my friend told me she was doing an article on bloggers, I thought she was compiling a list of responses from bloggers she interviewed… I had no idea that it was gonna end up as an article about myself as a blogger, haha… not that I mind, it’s actually a pleasant surprise :P

For those who didn’t get or don’t have access to last weekend’s Sunday Inquirer, here’s the link to the online version:

Update (07/10/11): Well, the link DID get nuked, but I managed to find an updated address for it:

And just in case the article gets nuked in the future, I’m posting the entire content here:

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The cobwebs seem alive… with the sound of music?

Man, it’s been a long time since I’ve done something with this place. The virtual cobwebs are almost alive in here. But so far, the move back here is going along smoothly, but there’s a lot of work that still needs to be done.

It’s ironic that, even though I can do an extreme exercise in elaborate site layouts, I choose a minimalist approach. This theme was called Hemmingway, and it really suits my simple and straightforward approach to weblogging right now.

The weblog software I’m using right now is WordPress. I debated for some time whether I would continue using Moveable Type (which was the weblog script I’ve been using for a long time, and one that was compatible with the Friendster blogs’ Typepad service), or try to use new weblog script that was “supposed” to be better. But after a good deal of googling and research, I decided on going with the latter.

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The hour of the wolf is close at hand…

Don’t you just love these melodramatic, angsty, brooding and pseudo-mysterious appellations that pretentious webloggers like me splatter over their latest post for the day?

But in a way of speaking, the title is apt.

As very few of you know, my Friendster blog “began” a year ago, September 4th to be exact.  It had a dinky name called “Tatak Tolitz” for about two weeks or so, before I changed it to its current name…   But if you notice, I have posts that go as way back as 2002… which would be impossible since I just started the blog at Friendster last year, right?

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Tatak Tolitz is now Astigmachism!

Stupid name? Well… you’re stupider! In fact, you’re the stupidest of the stupid! Spongklong! Get out of my sight!

Well, not really… just thought I’d show some fake angst to start off this blog entry… how did I do? What, not convincing enough? What do you want from me? Get off my case, damnit! Don’t ever visit this blog again!

Actually, I don’t mean it… I’m glad you took the time out of your hectic schedule to revisit this little corner of mine in cyberspace. If you’re a return visitor, the better – although I would have to suggest getting your head examined if you actually like going back to a place like this.

Anyway, why the change in name? I dunno, after a couple weeks I felt the name “Tatak Tolitz” felt a little too serious or formal. Someone who sees the name would assume it has content that is actually useful, or something respectable, or something pertaining to Filipino values, culture and documentary-type posts… of course, I’d probably die of boredom if I went that route.

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Daniel Dingel’s Water-powered Car

German Magazine feature on Daniel Dingel
Today as I was reading our college Yahoogroups, my friend Mok mentioned a unique Filipino invention – a water-powered car invented by Mr. Daniel Dingel. His patent is pending, but his invention has been around since 1969. I was intrigued that an idea that is both cheap and environment-friendly has not been seriously adopted bu automobile makers. This is not to say that other car companies have not considered other technologies that did not make use of fossil fuel. The Toyota Prius is a prime example, a hybrid electric/gasoline car that can go 55 miles to a gallon, and is only going for $20,000.

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Various site plans and updates…

Monday… (picture me saying that with a raspy voice that is a smidge between groaning and gasping)

I’m thinking of finally putting some content in the Movies section. I have been procrastinating for more than a year now, and I think it’s high time that I get off my ass and do some stuff for my own site. Which reminds me, I need to update the Sites section too … the people I designed sites for have changed their site layouts since then (usually for the worse), and I wanna preserve my layout ideas for those sites, so I’ll just do mockups of my earlier layouts instead of linking directly to them … also saves me the embarrassment of people seeing those nasty new layouts and thinking I did them too… bleh…

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Tech site updates…

You got here coz you followed the link from Open Tech Support? Did you just happen to know me and decided to check out my page? Or did Google mess up on your search for keyword “pulitzer?” Well, in any case, welcome to the site.  It’s a brand new year and this is the first update I am making for 2003.

Right now I got my hands full. I’m updating my tech site in spurts – small little installments until the big ones during the weekend. Some of the natives don’t like the taste of the new layout. Haha, I remember when the “classic” layout was being lambasted as being “too dark and too green” … oh well, you can’t please em all :)

Oh man, I’m so tired. Times like these I start wishing for those times when I was just surfing sites and playing games. *sigh*


Fuckin’ Broadband Downtime…

I’m using Netzero dial-up as I type this journal entry, as AT&T Broadband has decided to take a crapper since this afternoon. Am I glad I bought this external dial-up modem – it’s bad enough I have to stop smoking, it’s a whole other thing to stop surfing… *shudder*

Anyway, as you can imagine, the “speed” of dial-up is excruciating. I can’t believe I survived with dial-up a few years ago. I had to surf with the graphics disabled so I can stop myself from tearning my hair out and screaming. Once you’re spoiled with broadband, you never go back. That is, you don’t “voluntarily” go back. Regardless, I’m still lucky I got this dial-up modem when I did. It’s hard to be de-wired, I can tell you that…

Now, excuse me while I continue to surf in a turtle-like pace…

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