I hate Filipino food, the Filipino culture, and all Filipinos!

… Actually, I don’t …

But a few bloggers have used hate (feigned or not) to attract passionate Pinoys who defend the food, the culture and themselves… all for blog traffic…

I kinda want traffic to my blog, so I hope this trolling works like it did other blogs…

Anyway, comments?

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Trying Heart! (Mga Inglesera Sa Kanto!)

Got this from my friend from Facebook… reposting here coz I’m cool that way… thanks Grace!

* * * * *


1.  Ats if!
2.  I’m sick of tired!
3.  True good to be true!
4.  When it rains, it’s four!
5.  Once in a new moon.
6.  Keep your mouth shock!
7.  Connect me if I’m wrong.
8.  I hope you dont mine.
9.  Will you please give me alone?
10.  Please don’t make fond of me!
11.  Cut the craft!
12.  As far as I concern.
13.  I’ll give you the benefit of the daw.
14.  Please, cut me some slacks!
15.  How there you!

* * * * *


Don’t know any tagalog? Here are common words to get you started…

So you’re someone who doesn’t speak ANY word of Tagalog, and you’re embarrassed to speak with Filipinos…  maybe you are a non-Filipino who is friends with/is dating/is married to a Filipino, and you would like to understand them more… or maybe you are visiting the Philippines and you want to impress them with your knowledge of basic Tagalog words… well, here’s a short list of all common (and not so common) Tagalog words that can be used in everyday speech… learn them well, and take them to heart… it is guaranteed that anyone who understands Tagalog will look at you in a whole new light once you say these everyday words in Tagalog…

These are common colloquial Tagalog words, not the formal meanings.  So don’t worry if some of them sound weird… Good luck! ;)

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English movie titles that you should NEVER translate to Tagalog

This has been posted on several blogs and social networking sites I think, and I remember seeing this once… but this is the first time I’m gonna be posting it here, coz it was just so funny – for those who can understand Tagalog, anyway ;)

* * * * *

  1. Black Hawk Down
    Ibong Maitim Sa Ibaba
  2. Dead Man’s Chest
    Dede Ng Patay
  3. I Know What You Did Last Summer
  4. Love, Actually
    Sa Totoo Lang, Pag-ibig
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Carinderia Menu, anyone?

My brother sent me an email with this on it more than a year ago… I posted it on my personal blog coz it was hella funny, and I decided that I’d share it here with you guys, even though I’m sure this has already been posted several times before…

However, this is in Tagalog, so to those who are not well-versed in the language/dialect, my sincere apologies – for you missing out on the fun ;)

Let’s begin this buffet from hell, shall we?

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Shit Happens…

We all know that shit happens… but how do other religions and beliefs view shit when it happens?   Let’s find out:

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