Life is like a long drive …

Life is like a long drive … You may start by planning out where you want to go … You may choose the shortest path between two points, or you may go for the scenic route … It may start out a little slow, but once you get into the groove, it can feel like cruising … You may step on the gas for the thrill and excitement, or step on the brakes from time to time when you feel the need to slow down … The trip may have back roads and shortcuts, uphill or downhill, or it may have uncharted places where you don’t know what to expect …

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The Terror I Left Behind

So I decided to take my lunch from work, and rode the elevator all the way down from the 18th floor … and right as I pass the 16th floor I got the overwhelming urge to fart …

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Brand new tires for an old-ass car…

So here I am at Just Tires in Culver City, getting my worn tires replaced… It’s been long overdue, just like everything else that’s screaming to be replaced on my trusty old 2001 Toyota Celica. How about new brakes and a replacement catalytic converter? Well, those cost a bit more, so I’ll save those for later… gotta have to bear with the slightly grinding brakes and the check engine light a little more…

Just Tires Culver City

Just Tires in Culver City, California

I found this Just Tires location after a short google search. Who would’ve known that this place was just 7 minutes down the street from my apartment, huh? Anyway, I came in with an online estimate for four Goodyear Eagle RS-A tires, which cost around $75 each… It was fairly cheap and got good reviews, so with an online discount code I got from Mister Google (“save25” by the way), it gave me an estimate of $404.65 including labor. Not a bad price, especially for a poverty-stricken Filipino boy like me.

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WordPress app for the iPhone

So I found this nifty little app that allows me to post to my weblog using my iPhone. Looks like a decent app, even though it has a tendency to crash. But I guess nothing’s perfect, eh?

Anyway, this means I can now post my disturbing thoughts anywhere, which is pretty convenient for me. Many times I had some nasty little things between my ears that I wanted to share, but they always had a tendency to fizzle by the time I get home and sit in front of my computer. Not anymore :)

I’m just on my way back from the bank right now… Hmm… banks… I got a shitload to say about banks, but I guess I’ll save that for a later posting…

So, does the app work? Well, I’m posting this entry from my iPhone right now, so if you can see this, you got your answer…

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