Noodles and Crackers…

Some things to add to my chicken breast obsession – Sunflower brand crackers and Lucky Me Instant Mami (La Paz Bachoy flavor).

I remember the Lucky Me Instant Mami very fondly when I was in college. It used to be my staple meal every night at the dormitory, especially during Thursday and Friday, when my allowance has slowed down to a trickle … it was cheap, it was tasty, and it was filling. What a hungry college student needs :)


Chicken Breast Sandwiches…

I have a new fascination this week – chicken breast sandwiches.

I bought one from Subway after my workout today, and man, it was the next best thing to a burger that I can eat, without having to worry about the fat. Hence, I will make it a point to go to Albertson’s tomorrow and buy a few pounds of chicken breast. Then I’ll chuck them into the George Foreman Lean Mean Grilling Machine (yeah, I have one of those), and make myself a mean chicken breast sandwich. This’ll make my diet a little more bearable.

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