I hate Filipino food, the Filipino culture, and all Filipinos!

… Actually, I don’t …

But a few bloggers have used hate (feigned or not) to attract passionate Pinoys who defend the food, the culture and themselves… all for blog traffic…

I kinda want traffic to my blog, so I hope this trolling works like it did other blogs…

Anyway, comments?

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Life is like a long drive …

Life is like a long drive … You may start by planning out where you want to go … You may choose the shortest path between two points, or you may go for the scenic route … It may start out a little slow, but once you get into the groove, it can feel like cruising … You may step on the gas for the thrill and excitement, or step on the brakes from time to time when you feel the need to slow down … The trip may have back roads and shortcuts, uphill or downhill, or it may have uncharted places where you don’t know what to expect …

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The Terror I Left Behind

So I decided to take my lunch from work, and rode the elevator all the way down from the 18th floor … and right as I pass the 16th floor I got the overwhelming urge to fart …

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Trying Heart! (Mga Inglesera Sa Kanto!)

Got this from my friend from Facebook… reposting here coz I’m cool that way… thanks Grace!

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1.  Ats if!
2.  I’m sick of tired!
3.  True good to be true!
4.  When it rains, it’s four!
5.  Once in a new moon.
6.  Keep your mouth shock!
7.  Connect me if I’m wrong.
8.  I hope you dont mine.
9.  Will you please give me alone?
10.  Please don’t make fond of me!
11.  Cut the craft!
12.  As far as I concern.
13.  I’ll give you the benefit of the daw.
14.  Please, cut me some slacks!
15.  How there you!

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The Classic Retirement Syndrome

I recently heard this story again and it made me laugh, not just because it’s funny, but because I have experienced this more times than I can count. You don’t have to be old and gray to experience this – and I’m sure many of you have :)

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A world without Borders

Borders LogoIf you haven’t heard yet, Borders filed for bankruptcy two weeks ago… they are said to be in the process of massive restructuring, and will be closing more than a third of all their bookstores across the country. That’s more than 200 Borders bookstores disappearing from the face of the earth…

Borders was always a step too late in its business decisions. Its competitors, and Barnes & Noble, have moved on to digital publishing and e-books courtesy of Kindle and Nook, while Borders maintained its traditional brick-and-mortar shops, hoping the quaint atmosphere would convince book lovers to let their legs do the walking instead of their mouse button.

Aside from Barnes & Noble, Borders has been a favorite destination of mine on most weekends, when I’m reconnoitering West LA, usually to watch a quick movie or window shop the latest gadgets. I liked the fact that there was a coffee shop inside Borders, although I didn’t really care much for coffee. It was the atmosphere that sold it for me. The ambiance. It wasn’t merely a store, it was an experience. Ironically, what enamored me to Borders ultimately led to their demise…

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Carmageddon 2011: Are You Ready?

If you live in Southern California, particularly the Los Angeles area, you may have heard of the seemingly impending doom that is scheduled to land upon the concrete Serengeti known as the 405 freeway. If this long piece of road is part of your weekend commute, then you may want to read on – seriously.

On July 16 and 17, California construction workers will be shutting down a 10-mile stretch of the 405 freeway, from the I-10 to the US 101, to begin demolishing a portion of the 50-year-old Mulholland Drive Bridge in an effort to widen the freeway and add a northbound carpool lane. For the last few weeks, amber alerts have been warning commuters about the upcoming closure like a doomsday proclamation. This may not be an overreaction either, as this 53-hour stoppage is predicted to be one of the worst traffic situations in California’s history, leading many to call it “The Nightmare of 50,000 Feet” or better yet, “Carmageddon.”

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Brand new tires for an old-ass car…

So here I am at Just Tires in Culver City, getting my worn tires replaced… It’s been long overdue, just like everything else that’s screaming to be replaced on my trusty old 2001 Toyota Celica. How about new brakes and a replacement catalytic converter? Well, those cost a bit more, so I’ll save those for later… gotta have to bear with the slightly grinding brakes and the check engine light a little more…

Just Tires Culver City

Just Tires in Culver City, California

I found this Just Tires location after a short google search. Who would’ve known that this place was just 7 minutes down the street from my apartment, huh? Anyway, I came in with an online estimate for four Goodyear Eagle RS-A tires, which cost around $75 each… It was fairly cheap and got good reviews, so with an online discount code I got from Mister Google (“save25” by the way), it gave me an estimate of $404.65 including labor. Not a bad price, especially for a poverty-stricken Filipino boy like me.

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Wanna work and have fun at a stylish, high-tech company? Read on!

Well, since this blog is up and running, time for a little recruiting ;)

My company, Cie Studios, is looking to hire several people for immediate employment. Check out these job opportunities below and see if you find anything here that you think you can do:

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Bringing it… again…

It’s been a while  since I’ve been on the P90X regimen… and after almost a year of procrastinating, I will be going through the whole grind again. Why? Coz I miss it :)

Back in 2009, as I was in the middle of losing over 35 pounds in a span of six weeks in Santa Fe, New Mexico (courtesy of the Master Cleanse), I saw this guy Tony Horton advertising his P90X workouts in an infomercial. Back then, I didn’t really care too much about infomercials in general – why should I buy an easier eggbeater that’ll allow me to make omelettes a full 2 minutes faster, or a stove where I can cook without leaving my chair, or get a blanket with sleeves? Well, except for the last one, I usually ignored these money sinks… but when I saw that P90X infomercial, for some reason I got genuinely interested. Imagine drastically reshaping your body in just 90 days? Sounds too good to be true, right? It seems impossible!

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