Brand new tires for an old-ass car…

So here I am at Just Tires in Culver City, getting my worn tires replaced… It’s been long overdue, just like everything else that’s screaming to be replaced on my trusty old 2001 Toyota Celica. How about new brakes and a replacement catalytic converter? Well, those cost a bit more, so I’ll save those for later… gotta have to bear with the slightly grinding brakes and the check engine light a little more…

Just Tires Culver City

Just Tires in Culver City, California

I found this Just Tires location after a short google search. Who would’ve known that this place was just 7 minutes down the street from my apartment, huh? Anyway, I came in with an online estimate for four Goodyear Eagle RS-A tires, which cost around $75 each… It was fairly cheap and got good reviews, so with an online discount code I got from Mister Google (“save25” by the way), it gave me an estimate of $404.65 including labor. Not a bad price, especially for a poverty-stricken Filipino boy like me.

So I confirmed my appointment yesterday and came into the shop today, and guess what – they’re out of stock on those cheap tires! Since I’m no primadonna who would throw a fit and mouth off a choice of English, Tagalog and even Japanese curse words, I just said “Whaaaaaat??!” in a good-spirited way (yeah, you can even hear the two questions marks and that one exclamation point in my voice).

But never fear. These guys obviously want my business, so they offered to replace the proposed replacement with Goodyear Eagle GT tires – which cost almost $20 more – but keeping the same estimate given online. Whattadeal, right? These guys rock… and if someday you happen to find this blog post while googling for tires or tire shops in West LA, consider this a testimonial – at least, for this particular day ;)

Anyway, after about 40 mins (which was the amount of time I spent posting this blog entry using my IPhone 4), they’re finally done replacing the tires, and I got the perfunctory good news and bad news. The good news was, instead of paying $404.65, I only had to pay $396.91. That was almost $8 less for better tires than what I planned… As Ben Stein would say, “WOW…”

And the bad news? Well, it seems the car needs it’s wheels aligned. I guess the price quoted only involved “checking for alignment,” much like a doctor saying “Oh yeah, we’ll check to see if you’re dying, but we’ll only check it okay!”

Wheel alignment was supposed to increase the life of your tires. Not having it done didn’t mean your car was gonna suddenly swerve in the middle of the freeway as you are careening into the great wide open at 100 miles per hour in a burst of maximum performance piercing the night (a’la Black Sunshine by White Zombie). It just meant that if your tires are supposed to last 50K miles, it wouldn’t if it isn’t aligned.

Anyway, wheel alignment would cost $79.95 at this place, which was over my allocated budget (actually, anything above a dollar is above my allocated budget nowadays). So I paid my $396.91, and told the guys over there I’ll be back next week once I get my sweat shop pay.

All in all, good experience. I wouldn’t say I’d go there often, coz that’s gonna be a really bad thing, especially for my poor 11-year-old rice rocket. But I got new tires, and the ride is now smoother.

I am ending this blog post at the car wash. $15 for the wash and another $40 for gas later… If money grew on trees, I wanna be a fuckin lumberjack…

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  • Suzanne Twitchell

    Awesome store..I’d like to buy a tire in that store because It is very low price.Thanks for sharing.

    Comment | August 4, 2011

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