Don’t know any tagalog? Here are common words to get you started…

So you’re someone who doesn’t speak ANY word of Tagalog, and you’re embarrassed to speak with Filipinos…  maybe you are a non-Filipino who is friends with/is dating/is married to a Filipino, and you would like to understand them more… or maybe you are visiting the Philippines and you want to impress them with your knowledge of basic Tagalog words… well, here’s a short list of all common (and not so common) Tagalog words that can be used in everyday speech… learn them well, and take them to heart… it is guaranteed that anyone who understands Tagalog will look at you in a whole new light once you say these everyday words in Tagalog…

These are common colloquial Tagalog words, not the formal meanings.  So don’t worry if some of them sound weird… Good luck! ;)

* * * * *

  • Haller?Hello?
  • Nag-iinit ka ba?Hey, beautiful.
  • Oh! My! Ghulay!Holy Vegetables!
  • Putang Ina mo? – Where’s your mom?
  • Mamatay ka na!!!See you soon!!!
  • Magsalsal ka kaya muna dyan?Where is the Bathroom?
  • Ang baho mo, tanga.Nice weather we’re having today.
  • Ang bobo mo talaga, sobra!To me, you are the most beautiful flower in the field.
  • Pucha!Wonderful!
  • Tang ina ka talaga!I would like a fork please.
  • Hoy baboy!Hey waiter!
  • Gago ka!You’re good!
  • Dito sa Jolibee, bida ang sarap!You’re my best friend!
  • Bababa ba?Is this elevator going up?
  • Gago! Leche!Good morning! (can also be used for other greetings like “Merry Christmas!”)
  • Ang bango mo!You smell like shit!
  • Nag-sepilyo ka ba?What’s your perfume?
  • Bakla ka!You’re such a gentleman!
  • Puki mo mabaho!Pokemon is on!
  • Tarantado ka!Thank you very much!
  • Ang sosi, sosi mo.Here are your keys, sir.
  • Miss, may booking ka?Hi, wanna go out?
  • Kupal ka!!!You’re so nice!!!
  • Kalurkey! – I’m not impressed.
  • Pustahan Ay Sus Naku!Betcha By Golly Wow!

* * * * *

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  • wahahahaha…sino nag translate nito?
    grabe, ang talino…hahaha
    “sabta ra, naai gamay dagay!”

    Comment | January 4, 2011
  • Haha SO NICE!!!

    Comment | April 13, 2012

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