Manga Series: “Neon Genesis Evangelion – RE-TAKE” by Studio Kimigabuchi

WARNING:  This work contains adult situations and pornographic images.
This is not intended for children.  Consider yourself warned… pervert :)

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Author/Mangaka: Studio Kimigabuchi

Genre: Science Fiction, Drama, Romance, Adult, Doujinshi

Plot Summary: What if the Evangelion anime ended differently?

Shinji Hikari, the young pilot of Eva 01, wakes up at the infirmary, and discovers that he is seemingly transported back to the time when he is yet to encounter the final angels.  Having seen what happened in the end, Shinji now tries to correct all the mistakes he has made, and tries to improve his relationship with the fiery, red-haired girl Asuka Langley Soryuu, and prevent the tragedies he had witnessed before.  In so doing, Shinji has created an alternate reality – a reality where he and Asuka become more than friends.  A reality where he becomes close to distant friends – and distant to intimate ones.  A reality where Rei Ayanami encounters a crisis of identity.  And a reality where Shinji’s dreams come true – and his worst nightmares become a reality.

Shinji Hikari must decide whether this “new” reality is better than the one he witnessed before going back – whether the End of Evangelion was ultimately a better outcome for his destiny…

Volumes: 6  (4  + 1 interlude + 1 after story)

Review: I have to say that, for a fan-made piece of fiction, this doujin is one of the best I have read.

One thing about doujins (fanfiction) that made me stray away from them was that 90% of them were pretty much hentai (adult/porn) based on other popular manga and/or anime.  Not that I have anything against porn – I like them as much as the next guy – but the norm for porn is that the story and art itself takes itself down several notches in favor of graphic sex scenes.

Such was not the case for RE-TAKE.  This was very inspired work from Studio Kimigabuchi, one that begs the question “did they do the ending better than Hideaki Anno did with the original Eva?”

Neon Genesis Evangelion RE-TAKE

The best thing about this doujin is that the main characters are now LIKABLE, unlike the pretentious, emo-driven cast of the original Evangelion anime.  No, the characters didn’t suddenly behave radically different, but more of an elevated “consciousness” – an enhanced perception of who they are, where they are, and what they are supposed to feel in a particular situation.  It’s still in the same vein of Evangelion – it still tries to mindfuck you in a lot of ways, but now there is an underlying order in all the chaos.  A clear theme, and a clear goal in the end.  Unlike the anime, this one had CLOSURE, even if you don’t read the last ~After~ volume.  And the ending of the fourth volume was much more powerful than the anime… by heaps.

This doujin is not targeted specifically at Eva fans, but it obviously requires that you actually finished the anime series before reading this.  Evangelion isn’t really one of my favorite anime series (I still think RahXephon is a better mecha series by leaps and bounds), but reading this doujin has actually enhanced my appreciation for the original series.  Hideaki Anno has squandered the overwhelming potential Evangelion had by putting out a preachy, pretentious and mind-numbingly confusing ending, but I feel that Studio Kimigabuchi helped in realizing that potential.

Since this is a doujin, take note that there ARE sex scenes and pornographic images, but they are marginally “tasteful” – meaning they actually help advance the plot, instead of being put in for the sake of seeing a main character have sex with the other supporting characters, like most doujins usually do.  So if you find a little porn offensive, then stay away from this doujin.

(Recommended sequence for reading would be volume 1, 2, 3, 0, 4 and ~After~ – and if you want the “Eva” impact for an ending, stop at volume 4.  If you want a feel-good, happy ending with a shitload of closure, then by all means, end it with the ~After~ volume.)

This is one of those rare cases where the fanfiction almost surpasses the vision of the original creator – at least in terms of ending said vision.  This is highly recommended reading, and if you have not watched the Evangelion series or the End of Evangelion movie, I recommend watching those first before reading this doujin.   But by all means, read this epic work.

One of the best doujins ever created, and I stand by that, Eva haters or not…

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Volume 1

Re-Take Volume 1

Re-Take Volume 2

Re-Take Volume 2

Re-Take Volume 3

Re-Take Volume 3

Re-Take Volume 0 (Interlude)

Re-Take Volume 0 (Interlude)

Re-Take Volume 4

Re-Take Volume 4

Re-Take 'After'

Re-Take ~After~

How to open and read the manga:

  • First make sure that you have CDisplay Comic Reader installed. To download CDisplay, click here. Follow the instructions on how to download and install CDisplay Comic Reader.
  • Download the desired manga by clicking on its manga cover or link above. Remember the location where you saved the downloaded manga.
  • You can start reading the manga using two ways:
    – Right click on the manga file, and choose Open With, and then click on Choose Program (if the CDisplay application isn’t one of the choices). Scroll down either the Recommended Programs or Other Programs and locate CDisplay (or it can say Sequential Image Display”), and choose it. Your manga will automatically show up and you can start reading.
    – You can start the CDisplay application (which will bring up a blank white screen). Right click anywhere, and choose Load Files (or L). Navigate to where you saved the downloaded manga, choose it, then click Open. Your manga will now show up and you can start reading.

Some of the common hotkeys for CDisplay:
Pg Up (previous page)
Pg Down or Spacebar (next page)
Ctrl L (next volume/chapter; if the manga you’re reading has reached the end, and you already have the next volumes already downloaded)
Ctrl K (previous volume/chapter)
Shift P (choose a page to jump to using the page meter)
C (brings up the Configuration Options, for advanced configuration)
Arrow Keys (scrolls the manga left/right/up/down if it’s oversized)

IMPORTANT: Since this is manga (Japanese comics), it is read from RIGHT TO LEFT.


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