Tagalog Word of the Day: KILI-KILI

Kili-kili means underarm or armpit, the hollow under the upper part of the arm at the shoulder. Usually has a generous amount of hair on men – and some women (used as a noun).

Word Usage:

Kinamot ni Tolitz ang kanyang kili-kili. 
(Tolitz scratched his armpit.)
or (Tolitz clawed at his armpit with unearthly delight)
or even 
(Tolitz, in a fit of rage, tore at his armpit… and suppressed the gruesome urge to smell his fingers… )

Ang marikit na dilag na naglalakad sa kanto ay may buhok sa kili-kili.
(The pretty woman walking by the corner has hair in her armpits.)
or (The gorgeous babe rounding the corner has a generous amount of black stuff under her arms.)
or even 
(Damn bitch, for the love of all that is good and pure, shave that fuckin’ thing!)

Ang kili-kili ni Manoy ay amoy bulok na langka.
(Manoy’s armpits smell like rotten jackfruit.)
or (Manoy’s underarms reek of pestilent evil.)
or even
(The fires of hell and damnation cannot withstand the overpowering force dealt by the sheer odor of Manoy’s weapon of mass destruction…)

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