Is it about time to ban cellphone use while driving?

Caught this little news link in one of the sites I visit:

Which brings up the question: Is it about time that cellphone use while behind the wheel be considered a driving offense? I mean, the situation is so obvious you begin to wonder why the hell the police are so lax in trying to deal with these yahoos.

Anyone who has driven the streets of Los Angeles know as much as I do that cellphone-using drivers are one of the biggest nuisance on the road. Ever drove your car behind some dumb bitch in an SUV who’s busily chatting on her cellphone? Better yet, have you ever seen her make a left turn at a “yield” intersection, with your car right behind her?

I dunno… the signs are so fuckin obvious it’s a wonder it’s not yet restricted. Driving distractions like this are so common. Some cellphone “activists” will try and say that cellphones are useful in cases where someone needs to report accidents, abudctions, felonies, etc. I say bullshit. That doesn’t give you the excuse to use your cellphone every freakin time you drive. How are you supposed to report an accident if you’re busy talking to your friend about last night’s American Idol? How can you report felonies when you don’t even have enough attention focused on the road? It’s not the ownership of a cellphone that’s the point here, it’s the reckless usage of it while driving!

I bring my cellphone in my car all the time, but I NEVER try to call up someone while I’m driving! I keep it beside me, just in case of emergencies. When someone calls me up, I pick it up and say hello just to see who it is, and then afterwards I tell the caller I’m driving and that I’ll call him/her later. If it’s an important call, I pull over and call them back. It’s that simple.

It’s always ironic that they impose the seatbelt law because it saves the lives of the driver, when they totally ignore cellphone use even if it actually endangers the lives of OTHER drivers.

Everytime I encounter someone on a cellphone obstructing traffic, I honk at them. I keep honking at them until they’re out of my sight. Call it road rage or whatever you like. These idiots must be dealt with if the police won’t lift a finger to deal with them…

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