My thoughts on Dubya’s State of the Union address…

George W. Bush’s State of the Union address tonight may have convinced some people that the United States needs to take matters in its own hands if the need arises. It may have affirmed some people’s sentiments that Saddam Hussein is the devil incarnate and must be overthrown from his lofty perch by all means necessary. Maybe his speech has changed the minds of several contingents who are against the “planned war” from the beginning,

But I still need a lot of convincing.

Granted, I never voted for Bush. He was never my choice for president, because of his shortsighted plans and apparent lack of experience and savvy when it comes to international relations. And this cannot be more evident than his apparent treatment of the United Nations. We have a president who is pushing, pressuring and dogging an international organization (whose sole purpose of existence is to promote peace) to help him wage war! And it’s not even the most justified war, at that. All we have right now are rumors and hearsay – much of which will either be debunked or proven next week, when Powell goes to the UN to present the allegedly incontrovertible evidence that proves Saddam stinks worse than camel manure.

George W. Bush’s whole reputation as US president is only marked by this war. He has not been concentrating on anything else but this war. This war is his ticket to a second term. I mean, I don’t get it … his 10-year economic plan sounds more and more like a plea to the American people to re-elect him, and gives him an alibi when the economy continues its downward spiral in the event that he does not get re-elected…

I mean, let’s admit it … he doesn’t give a flying fuck about the US economy. It wasn’t his priority to begin with. Even before the events of September 11, the economy has been going down way before that, so the alibi that 9/11 was the start of economic demise is just a Republican fairtytale. Everytime we see or hear Bush, it’s always about Saddam. About Iraq. About war. The cowboy from Texas wants some action, and he wants to see some explosions.

Cowboys belong in horse shows, not in the White House..

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