Gems from Star Trek TNG II…

Another Star Trek: The Next Generation (3rd Season) DVD night for me, and another good exchange between Picard and Data. In the episode entitled “The High Ground”, they are discussing the terrorist activities in a planet wherein some of their crew have been thrown in the middle:

Data: … why are their methods often successful? I have been reviewing the history of armed rebellion, and it appears that terrorism is an effective way to promote political change.
Picard: Yes it can be… but I have never subscribed to the theory that political power flows through the barrel of a gun.
Data: Yet, there are numerous examples when it was successful… the independence of the Mexican state from Spain…
Picard: Yes, I am aware of them.
Data: Then, would it be accurate to say that terrorism is acceptable, when all options for a peaceful settlement have been foreclosed?
Picard: (sigh) Data, these are questions that mankind has been struggling with throughout history. Your confusion is … only human…

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